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Real Hair Vs Full Lace Wigs

The old saying is that your hair is your beauty. Therefore whether you have hair that you maintain regularly or alter to enhance your appearance; or if you have experienced hair loss and result to alternative hair replacement options to enhance your beauty, the fact is that there is no real significant difference between wearing your real hair or a full lace wig developed from human hair. They both achieve the appearance you ultimately seek.

However the style of your hair will speak much about your personality. A well maintained hair compliments your entire physical appearance. Thus, there are plenty of hair shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatments available in the market today which is all helpful in maintaining a luxurious head of hair.


In the event of an unavoidable circumstance that leads to hair loss or baldness, don’t be dismayed for the latest technology has given way for full lace wigs. These wigs appear to have the same texture as real hair stemmed from your scalp. So, if you’ve suffered from hair loss, you can utilize this technology for the appearance of a natural full head of hair. Lace wigs are very different from the old tradition units. They are very light in weight, the hairs are single knotted into a very thin fabric called a lace to give it the natural appearance and diminishes any sign of hair loss, thinning or baldness.


If you have seen celebrities who have altered their hair color, length and style daily and have wondered how they’ve managed to do so without damaging their hair. Well, the celebrity secret is finally out! Hollywood stars have been using full lace wigs for their performances and social appearances. Why not, when it’s virtually undetectable and provides them the ability to alter their hair style without spending thousands of dollars and risking ruining their hair.


However, full lace wigs can be worn by all types of individual, race, culture, religion and sex. Its main purpose is to conceal hair loss, thinning or baldness. In addition, it’s well known to be used to boost one’s self esteem and enhance their facial and overall appearance. This type of wig is proven to be the best hair replacement option in regards to affordability, convenience and a natural appearance.
If you compare the level of maintenance between your real hair and a full lace wig, you’ll find that a full lace wig requires less maintenance and more versatility. If you thrive on change, glamor and place a level of importance on your appearance then you would easily enjoy and come to love the versatility of what lace wigs can offer! However, it’s important to note that obtaining and having the unit applied is extremely critical. Therefore, it’s best that you seek a professional lace wig expert to assist you in finding the appropriate unit suited for your skin tone, lifestyle, budget and overall appearance.


In addition, hiring a professional to apply your wig will save you time and money. Furthermore, they may provide services that will prolong the life of your wig. If your wig is not properly cared for, you’ll begin to experience tangling; shedding and it will eventually lose its soft, shiny and luxurious appeal.


Kapenzo™ Hair is equipped with educated, skilled, experienced and professional lace wig experts. We offer free 1 hour consultations to assist you in your search for the ideal unit suitable for your needs and wants. Contact us to book your free consultation: Tel: 1-416-619-7846, Email:


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