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Transitioning from a Topper to a Wig

Transitioning from a Topper to a Wig

In our previous article about Wig or Hair Toppers, we wrote about the difference between each hair system and outlined the benefits when it comes to purchasing them. For instance, a full wig is made up of human or synthetic hair, providing more coverage for partial or complete hair loss. Whereas a topper, which is also made up of human or synthetic hair, provides coverage for a specific area of hair loss. 

When deciding on making the transition from a topper to a tig, here are some aspects to consider:

  1. Accelerating hair loss:

When it comes to hair loss, it may progress over time and a topper may not be able to provide that coverage long-term.

  1. Uncomfortable clips:

Topper users often find that clips can be uncomfortable on their heads for long periods of time. The stress from having to adjust and wear these clips could also impact hair loss growth.

  1. Lifestyle: 

Depending on your lifestyle, toppers may be difficult to blend in with your natural hair as you need to style it in a way that looks seamless. For some, the maintenance is quite tricky and opting for a full wig is more convenient.

  1. Convenience:

For toppers, you have to continuously worry about ensuring that the colour matches and is styled like your biological hair. Whereas with a wig, you are provided with a more ready-to-go option and the styles typically last longer throughout washes. 


4 Tips to Consider When Making the Transition from Toppers to Wigs

  1. In comparison to a topper, measuring for a wig considers your entire head measurement from ear to ear, rather than the area of hair loss.
  2. Your lifestyle and time are important components to consider when making a long-term investment such as purchasing a wig. A few questions to ask yourself are:
    1.  Do you have the time to maintain and style your hair? 
    2. What are your budget costs? 
  3. Confidence will come as you go when wearing your wig. Many women from HerAlopecia, a women’s hair loss community, often say it can take up to two months to feel comfortable in their wig.
  4. Wigs will fit and feel more different than toppers. It is important to book appointments for consultations to ensure that you are finding a wig that is suitable for your wants and needs. At Kapenzo™ Hair and Lace Wigs Store, we offer top-of-the-line consultations and alternative hair to ensure that you are finding your desired hair system.