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5 Wig Care Tips for Curly and Wavy Hair

5 Wig Care Tips for Curly and Wavy Hair


Curly hair is distinct and more complimented from usual types of hair. It generally requires more moisture, fewer washes, and more attention than sleeker hair textures. These steps are crucial for curly and wavy wigs. 

Curly Hair Wigs enhance the user’s entire look. However, regardless of when or how much you wear them, you need to take great care of them to stay in shape.  

Wig Maintenance for Curly and Wavy Hair 

If you wear curly wigs, you should be aware that they require special attention. Wavy and curly wigs need extra tender care. Curly hair wigs are pricey, so use these hair care pointers to keep them in an excellent state. 

1. Only Wash Your Wig Occasionally 

Wigs may appear to be your natural hair, but they are not. They don’t have to be washed as frequently as your hair, so wash them minimally. It is advised that you wash them once every few weeks. 

2. Make use of a Detangling Conditioner. 

If you’re curly wig hair is prone to becoming dull, frizzy, and tangled, use a detangling conditioner after washing it. This conditioner rejuvenates hair, creates a protective coat over the hair, protecting it from heat styling. 

3. Sufficiently moisturize 

Hydrating is an important fortress. It would help if you used an excellent and highly recommended moisturizer on your curly wig to keep it in great shape and to help it look amazing. You can opt for a glycerin and water combination, which helps retain moisture. 

4. Tenderly Comb Your Wig 

Make it a habit to gently comb your curly hair wigs continuously. They are especially susceptible to becoming dull and frizzy, and if not combed regularly, you may notice hair damage. On the other hand, good care will keep your wavy curly wig looking perfect. 

5. Make sure to use products suited for Curly or Wavy Wigs.

Frizzy, wavy, crimpy hair is nearly synonymous, and one should be aware that when your hair lacks moisture and hydration, it appears wavy. The same is the case; when you use improper shampoo, your wig can become dry. As a result, we strongly advise that you always consult the store where you purchased your wig more about shampoo and care suggestions.  


The big advantage of learning how to care for your curly or wavy wig is that you won’t have to discard it when it becomes twisted up or frizzy. If regularly cared for and looked after, it will last you a good amount of time.  However, always invest in high-end products, and with the help of the tips mentioned above, you will be able to reach your goals easily. 

Make sure to check out Kapenzo™ Hair, for more wig care tips and techniques, or if you have any questions about whether your wig needs to be given special treatment, restored, or replaced with a new one. They are complete professionals and experts in all things hair-related.  

Don’t forget to keep it in the net until you’re ready to put the wig back on.