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Mia Godoy

Mia Godoy

Using her personal experiences with hair loss, Mia inspires women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

We asked Mia to discuss some of her experiences living with Alopecia. Here’s what she had to say:

1) In a brief statement can you define Alopecia in your own words?

I’ve had alopecia ever since I was 3 years old. I’ve grown with it, and it has been something that’s always been a part of me. It’s something that will always be tough to deal with no matter what age you are.

But even if sometimes it gets really hard, alopecia is something that can make you unique, something that makes you different from everyone else. It’s something that makes you stand out. It’s really all about the way you look at it.

2) What is the most important piece of advice to give to someone who is experiencing hair loss?

My most important piece of advice to offer is that no matter how hard it can get; you’ll always be beautiful with or without hair. Beauty isn’t defined by your hair. This is something tough to understand, but it truly doesn’t define whether you are beautiful or not.

3) What is one of the most challenging experiences you have had related to your hair loss journey and how did you overcome this?

I think one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had to deal with because of my alopecia has been dealing with kids that don’t understand what’s going on with me. As a teenager, dealing with people pitying you because of your hair loss is something that happens a lot and can be really tough to deal with. The stares and people talking about my hair loss while I walk through the streets, has always been really difficult for me.

But as I grew up, I understood that it’s normal to get stared at when you’re different. Now I strive to let people know why it is that I’m different, instead of wanting to hide my baldness to prevent those stares.